Mail Technologies, Inc.

MTI has provided bill rendering services throughout the United States and Canada since 1991

We specialize in high–speed laser printing, intelligent inserting, custom bill rendering services and automated mailing.

Your clients are most likely very satisfied with the billing software you provide them. However, many of those same clients still print, stuff and mail their customer statements and other communications internally, or outsource the bill rendering portion entirely. Today's companies are seeking true end-to-end solutions.

Now software developers and billing software vendors have the opportunity to become a reseller of our DocuSend® solution, which was built specifically to provide software vendors the opportunity to offer cloud-based mailroom service to their clients. Licensing our proprietary technology eliminates data mapping and auditing, delivering a true end-to-end solution for your clients and an additional, recurring revenue stream for you.

The DocuSend API allows you to add a menu option or button to “” to your software, making it as simple and efficient as sending an email. The format requirements are simple—your PDF documents must contain a valid mailing address. The only information we touch are the address components. We extract, enhance for expedited USPS delivery and rebuild it back into the source document.

DocuSend welcomes a discussion to see how our bill rendering services can complement your existing billing platform and existing suite of products. A successful affiliation provides your customers with the tools to distribute automated financial documents that are much more cost effective than any labor-intensive internal mailing operation. If you're interested in offering additional services to your clients and adding incremental revenue to your bottom line by creating a revenue-bearing partnership, we should talk.

Contact Alice Witherow, Director of Sales & Marketing at or call 585-617-4666 ext 205 to start the discussion today.