Mail Technologies, Inc.

About Mail Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1991, MTI began as a company offering software-driven print-to-mail and electronic document services for enterprises where accurate customer communication is integral to the success of their business. MTI's focus is to provide leading edge technology and superior customer service. We have developed a reputation for anticipating changes and trends in the mailing industry.

In 2015, MTI launched DocuSend®, a web-based, complete document delivery process for managing and distributing customer invoices and documents using our proprietary PDFXtract(PDX) technology. The DocuSend service allows companies that have smaller volumes of mail (think 5 to 4000 documents per month) take advantage of easy, hands off, out the door print-to-mail/email with no monthly minimums or contracts – services normally offered only to companies with high volumes of mail. DocuSend has seen success throughout many service industries where printing and mailing financial documents, such as customer invoices, billing statements and other service-related communications are a necessity. DocuSend offers automation of a once very manual process.

Enterprise solution allows software developers to easily integrate with DocuSend via our REST API. Partnering with DocuSend is the smart way for software developers to add a new product offering while creating a recurring revenue stream. Providing a print-to-mail solution for your software users has never been easier.

While the technology MTI uses is a major factor in our success, our people are the true difference. MTI employees are able to provide solutions that will exceed your immediate needs and help your business be more competitive overall.

Mail Technologies Inc and DocuSend

Mail Technologies Inc is a data driven company that does customized contractual programming and data mapping for large applications. DocuSend provides a web-based automated mailroom for companies to upload their PDFs and print and mail them within 2 business days, without monthly minimums, set-up fee or contracts.