Outsource Your Company Postal Mail! Here Is Why You Will Win

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Enterprises outsource tasks and business processes related to many different fields: IT, marketing, logistics, product manufacturing, and even caring for the office front lawn or company mail distribution. Delegating a part of their tasks is often the most rational solution. It allows management to focus on their main goals instead of expending resources and effort on organizing secondary processes.

In addition to benefits like reducing expenses and freeing up employees’ time, delegating certain functions to a highly specialized company helps to increase the quality of these operations. It can also eliminate the need to hire more staff or purchase and maintain equipment. A prime example is outsourcing postal mail—it makes preparing and organizing large amounts of your company’s USPS communications the easiest of tasks.

Everyone Should Focus on Their Main Job

It’s great when each employee can concentrate their efforts on the job they were hired to do rather than allocating chunks of time to the peripherals. Having passed your postal process to professionals, you don’t need to assign workers who will be responsible for printing, collation, and transportation of your documents to the post office, nor will you have to allot space in your office building to stockpile printed pieces and materials, leased metering equipment and inserters, etc.

Sure, you can invest a part of your budget in software and costly equipment of your own, but is it really worth it? Field-specific companies have long since found the most efficient, fastest, and most cost-effective ways to do their job, and they have the resources, the personnel with the needed knowledge, and their own industrial-level equipment. So, instead of diving into a time-consuming operation on your own, it is better to take advantage of what mailroom outsourcing services have to offer.

How cost effective is outsourcing your mail?

You may think that to get a high-quality service and minimize your own involvement in the process, you should be ready to pay more. But one of the benefits you achieve by delegating your invoices and document distribution is saving costs. Your usual expenses can be cut nearly in half because of bulk prices. Your communications will be sent out for less, due to an agreement with the USPS and purchasing all the materials needed in bulk. Considering all the costs for organizing your company mailing internally, such as additional payment for workers performing manual labor and equipment rental, passing the whole process to the third party is more economical and pays off quickly.

What should you focus on to choose a reliable company for outsourcing?

Look for a service provider with a sterling reputation, many years of experience, and sufficient resources. This will ensure that the company will work with you smoothly, meet your individual needs, and fulfill the agreed-on terms.

More than three decades of experience in this industry and a personalized approach helps Mail Technologies find the best solution for each client.

What does Mail Technologies do?

As professionals in our industry, we can take care of all your USPS communications. The distribution of invoices, marketing materials, and all kinds of notices can be completely automated for you due to our digital tools and state-of-the-art machines that do printing, inserting, folding and sealing. Because the full spectrum of services is provided in one place, it reduces time spent on preparation and fulfillment of your marketing campaigns and invoice rendering.

Our company offers end-to-end services: We help you create documents, work with your address lists by extracting and merging the needed records from the databases, and convert your files to a format ready for printing, then we print and insert them into envelopes, which we transport to the postal facility. We can even do custom programming within our application to allow you to create and upload invoices to the cloud for printing and USPS distribution, right from the software you already use. We use software that provides address hygiene and NCOA updating of your address lists. We also do metering and collation if you have your documents or marketing materials printed and just need to send them out. We presort your mail to get a lower postage price for you, and we take care of all the reporting required by the post office.

Document Print-to-Mail Automation

Are there risks associated with insufficient control on your part?

When certain operations are performed outside your company, this can cause discomfort due to lack of involvement and control. This psychological barrier can be difficult to overcome. But in fact, our clients still have control over the process. Any questions and suggestions you have can be easily discussed with our development and customer support teams. We can send a sample of your printed batch to you. The level of automation, software, and quality assurance we maintain minimizes problems. You will be informed of any rectification of incorrect or outdated records from your database. In addition, we provide free tracking as well as retrieval and storage of your six-month history in your personal portal, so everything that was sent through Mail Technologies can be tracked.

By taking care of your business communications, we reduce the number of tasks you need to be concerned with, while you stay focused on your main goals and your key products and services.

Call us or send an email anytime, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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