What Is a Bulk Mailing Service?

Mass or Bulk Document Mailing Automation

For businesses looking to expand, a mailing campaign is a straightforward and effective way to reach new customers. But creating new leads is not the only function of mass mailing; it also helps companies deliver information to existing clients, share news about products and services, and build relationships with their audience. The term “bulk mailing” refers to when companies send their marketing messages via USPS to a large number of recipients at the same time, and the mail pieces are presorted and get reduced postage rates compared to traditional First-Class mail. For businesses and organizations with large volumes of USPS communications, bulk mailing is a cost-effective tool.

The Benefits of Presorting

When mail is managed and processed in bulk, businesses can not only reach a large number of people at once, but they can also receive a good discount from the USPS due to presorting.

How does it work? Instead of putting a stamp on every single piece in the batch and paying the full price, you can get your mail sorted by its final destination areas. The recipients’ addresses are grouped by zip code, which reduces the operations your mail needs to go through at the post office as well as the costs the USPS needs to spend on its processing. One more requirement from the USPS is that your mailing list should be updated according to the NCOA (National Change of Address) database. To qualify for a bulk mail discount—or commercial prices, as the USPS also calls them—a business or organization has to get permission from the Post Office and pay an annual mailing fee; have a certain minimum quantity of pieces every time they send mail, which is 500 qualifying or CASS certified pieces for First-Class mail and 200 qualifying or CASS certified pieces for Standard; and provide the transportation of their correspondence to the post office with which an agreement was concluded.

For many reasons, doing all the preparation work by themselves is just not convenient for many companies. When it comes to thousands or tens of thousands of letters, ads, and brochures mailed at once, a lot of time and effort is required of employees. And this is when the bulk mailing services come to help. They handle your mail marketing more easily and reduce mailing costs as much as possible.

Why Using a Bulk Mailing Service Is Beneficial

Bulk mailing services are usually provided by companies that take over all the preparation, presorting, and mailing of business communications. At Mail Technologies Inc, we help our customers with all aspects of their mailing campaigns, from creating their communications to printing, presorting, and distribution. Partnering with a printing and mailing company makes your mailing even more cost-effective because all the materials are purchased in bulk, at favorable prices.

Speaking of the advantages of a bulk mailing service for business, here are some more details:

  • It eliminates all the manual work for the client, including printing, collation to envelopes, sealing, and folding.
  • Print-to-mail companies, in particular Mail Technologies Inc, provide data segmentation and can work on your mailing lists, merging and dividing addresses into groups by demographics or location. It helps to create targeted mailing lists for more efficient campaigns.
  • Their software provides address hygiene services (Merge/Purge/NCOA and CASS) that eliminate the cases of mailing out undeliverable pieces with invalid or incomplete mailing addresses. At Mail Technologies Inc, we run your mailing list through our software, which detects possible issues, corrects the addresses automatically, and forwards the mail piece if the recipient has filed a change of address with the USPS. We also detect and delete duplicated entries in your mailing list upon request.
  • The bulk mailing service includes organizing all the transportation to the post office from the printing facility and the reporting required by the USPS, so companies don’t need to deliver mail to the post office and handle the paperwork.
  • The professional mailing service will help you meet all the requirements concerning shapes, sizes, weights, and address placement of your communications.

At MTI, we put an Intelligent Mail barcode on each CASS certified envelope for faster, more efficient delivery. We also provide tracking and place the information about every mail piece’s current location in the client’s personal portal.

How to Outsource Your Bulk Mailing to Mail Technologies Inc

Our DocuSend processes are based on PDF technology, so you can contact us and upload the PDFs of your business communications on our website. If you need help in creating or upgrading your files or converting your files to PDF format, our programmers are ready to help. We offer innovative solutions to your bulk mailing needs.

With 31 years of experience in the mailing industry, our automated print and mail outsourcing company serves enterprises and organizations from all over. Instead of doing extra work, isn’t it more rational to delegate it to professionals? The advanced equipment and the level of automation Mail Technologies Inc has will greatly speed up the process.

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